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Symic “Sym” Imitaph

Polite and studious

Sym spends most of their time gathering information and reporting it on their podcast Cryptal Archive, after graduating college they devoted their life fully to the study of lost magical arts trying to protect and document what little knowledge is left to be found, they hope one day that through their efforts magic will once again become a respected field of study within the academic communities and not a taboo subject restricted to fanaticsAge: 20Race: Mimic5'6" (167cm)they/themOccupation: Cryptal Archive Host, Historian, Educator

Ded (Tarsal)

Impatient and reckless

Ded likes to get himself into dangerous situations almost daily. Generally directionless he usually just spends his time doing what he wants until called into work where he conducts himself with as much tact and grace as a goose with a bag over its head, until someone other than him might come to harm.Age: At Least 25RACE: hUMAN6'2" (188CM)He/himOccupation: Cryptal Archive co-host, Bodyguard, Monster Hunter

Basil “Baz” Moley

Caring and meek

Baz surrounds himself with his small fluffy friends, dedicating almost every hour of his life to making sure they are happy and comfortable. He also has a strong curiosity for the occult but that is a well kept secret.Age: 18rACE: gOBLIN5'3" (160CM)he/himoccupation: Warg Breeder, Farmer

Adelheid “Heidi” Bauer

Esoteric And Spiritual

Heidi is one of the last known practicing witches in Eban, she fled from society at a young age to protect herself and her heritage from being erased from history, she now exists to most as a legend of a terrifying murderous witch that lives in the depths of a treacherous unforgiving jungle.Age: 28rACE: HUMAN5'5" (165CM)She/herOccupation: Hedge Witch, Death Merchant, Hermit

Ren: Syrren “Ren” Imitaph

Elusive and Hesitant

Ren spends his life in a stagnant whirlwind of self doubt and pitiful waste. Since he blows all his money on games and random computer parts he exists on a diet of semi digestible garbage in a tiny one room apartment on the 9th floor of a creaking monstrosity.Age: 20rACE: mIMIC5'6" (167CM)he/himOccupation: Semi-professional freelance video editor

Maxilla "Max" Tarsal

what a fucking idiot


he/him- it/it's6'1" (185CM)Occupation: full time at Ulnar Park

More coming soon :)

Included are events schedualed not only for Cryptal Archive but also for our Discord and Twitch streaming times

TwoHeadedAnimal is a collaberative art team


Squid (He/Him) (it/Its)
Is based in Australia and he's been doing art his whole life and worked as a game developer for a short time after graduating from AIE
He was never super good at showing off his own art to an audience before we teamed up, with encouragement from Mel he's gotten less shy about it.His main focus right now is to raise money for his top surgery! He's been on HRT for over a year now and it's made him feel a lot more self confident


Mel (she/her) (they/them)
Is based in the US and recently became a self taught artist, studying from various Youtube art channels.
She never really felt like an artist until she and Squid teamed up. He encouraged her to refine her painting skills more, and she's still learning too!Her main focus right now is self improvement as an artist/colorist and streamer!

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